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Your Life, But Better

Two Ways That A Nutrition Coach Can Help You To Lead A Healthier Life

Isobel Ruiz

If you would like to lead a much healthier life than you currently do, using a nutrition coaching service could help you to reach this goal. Continue reading and find out how.

They can point out the problems with your attempts to eat healthily

There is no one diet that is ideal for everyone. Because of this, when you try to eat in a way that you believe to be healthy, you may end up missing the mark and feeling worse than you did before you embarked on this journey. Someone who is a trained nutrition coach can identify the ways in which you are thwarting your own efforts to be healthy.

For example, if after learning that dark chocolate has lots of antioxidants and is much lower in sugar than other candy, you may decide to replace your daily slice of cake with several chunks of this chocolate. However, you might then notice that you start to feel more anxious, have trouble getting to sleep, and feel your heart racing a lot. If you tell a nutrition coach about this, they may point out that you could be sensitive to caffeine and that your 'healthy' sweet treat is causing your issues (as dark chocolate has quite a bit of caffeine in it). In this situation, they might suggest that you start eating a cup or two of low-sugar berries instead, as this would satisfy your sweet tooth and provide you with some antioxidants without making you jittery and anxious.

They can support you when you get stressed and want to quit

Many people decide to adopt a healthier lifestyle at a point when they're feeling excited about the future and motivated to change their ways. However, when stressful life events then occur (for example, if they get divorced or feel overwhelmed by a work project) their plans to be healthier tend to fall by the wayside. If you have had this experience in the past, then you should use a nutrition coaching service, as a coach could help you to stay the course throughout any rough patches in your life and in doing so, allow you to emerge from these periods feeling stronger and healthier.

For example, if your workload gets so big that you don't have time to prepare fresh, healthy meals anymore, your nutrition coach might recommend using a meal prep service for a while, as this would provide you with prepped fresh ingredients that you just have to spend a couple of minutes combining in order to make each meal. This would stop you from resorting to ordering greasy takeout. They can also check in with you a few times a week, to offer words of encouragement that could help you to resist reaching for candy bars when you're burnt out and low on willpower.